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what u need to know about the Sharks from a fan part 1

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Yes please

Yes please

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How can people hate Tomas Hertl?


Seriously? All he does is smiled and speak broken english. I imagine if you poke his belly he giggles too..

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Some reasons why Hertl is amazing »


On playing in San Jose:

"California is my dream. Every day is sun and it’s nice. I like California."

On his incredible four-goal game against the Rangers:

"I’m happy and crazy and I don’t know and big game and this is dream."

On why he smiles all the time:

The way Twitter…

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Anyone left in the universe who doesn’t like this kid?


Anyone left in the universe who doesn’t like this kid?

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Nemo’s bronze medal


Nemo’s bronze medal

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tomas “i never stop smiling” hertl

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marleau & pavs carelessly throw their hockey sticks, meanwhile niemi…
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#i’m sure in 1986 that didnt sound as gay as it does now

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